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With the cost of new construction typically four times higher than renovating an existing building, the latter is more often the investor’s choice. For Jeff Whims, president of Hudson-based Painters of the Western Reserve, close to 90% of his company’s work is renovation and restoration.

Painters of the Western Reserve is a firm that specializes in painting but offers the flexibility to handle most any renovation services from flooring, ceilings, rebuilding walls, washing decking and siding, and wood working. As a company, we do whatever the customer needs. If Painters of the Western Reserve can’t do it, we have trusted business partners that we can refer them to.

A hallmark of Painters of the Western Reserve’s workmanship includes the Positively Cleveland Visitors Center at 334 Euclid Avenue. Located in the heart of downtown, it is a focal point of the revitalization of the city.

Located in the Windsor Block building, Positively Cleveland prepared to take up residency on a first floor painted black for the touring science exhibit, “Bodies: The Exhibition,” and a second floor with four apartments. Vocon, an architectural and interior design company located in Cleveland, utilized white walls with orange, green and blue accents. It was the Painters of the Western Reserve’s role to achieve the end result of brightness in an open, airy interior.

“When you walk into Positively Cleveland the bottom line is you know it’s an old space, but it looks brand new,” Whims says. “We can take something old and make it look new again. It is very satisfying to see the finished product.”

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