UNIFLEX Commercial
Metal Roof Coating

When you want to take the best care of your commercial building, you should rely on trusted products and brands.

We restore corrugated metal roofs with UNIFLEX, a leader in roofing technology that engineered the industry’s first fluid applied roof coating in 1946. The roofing system materials are backed by 5 and 10-year warranties. We also include a 2-year labor warranty.


No Need for Tear-Offs

• Roof Restoration: We ensure that your business won’t be disrupted, and productivity won’t suffer while our professional trained crews do their work. The Energy Star-labeled coating has a non-toxic formulation, which means it won’t affect installers or your employees.

• Lightweight Solution: New roof construction can involve large equipment and material. But UNIFLEX is a safe, lightweight option. Think ounces, not pounds for every square foot.

Extend the Life of Roofs

• Longer Building Life Cycle: UNIFLEX is ideally suited for existing roofs so property managers and owners can ensure that their facilities last much longer.

• Outstanding Weatherability Reputation: We use UNIFLEX Systems because it’s known to fight against blistering, chalking, and flaking. In other words, the product is precisely formulated to guard against degradation even in harsh environments.

Focus on Sustainability

• Lower Disposal Costs: Re-coating leaves roof with a like-new look, which means the metal roof won’t be torn off and disposal costs can be avoided.

• Environmentally Friendly: UNIFLEX is uniquely formulated, which means crews can avoid using hot kettles and flames when they’re installing base and second coatings. Like UNIFLEX, we help businesses reinforce a commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

• Lower Roof Temperatures: The white coating reflect 85% of the sun’s radiant heat, which greatly lowers the roof temperature and helps to counter future degradation.

Seamless Waterproofing

• Proven Performance: UNIFLEX systems eliminate seams, the most common source of roof leaks. The thick, flexible protective coatings provide lasting, easy-to-maintain waterproof protection.

Utility Savings

• Notable Energy Savings: EnergyStar.gov indicates that a white, highly reflective roof will drop the roof’s surface temperature by up to 100 °F. As a result, the coating helps to significantly decrease how much heat is transferred into the building and greatly reduces the demand for cooling. Simply put, high reflectivity equals less energy use and lower cooling bills.

• Cost-Saving Installation: Without a doubt, UNIFLEX fluid applied roofing systems are much easier to install and maintain than a regular tear-off roof project. Additionally, businesses will avoid the hassle and costs associated with construction waste. Re-coating will be a fraction of the price of a new roof installation.

• Tax Benefits. Roof coatings do quality as maintenance, which means it’s tax deductible in the same year (replacements are not).

• Rebates: In some cases, utility companies will give building owners rebates if they conserve energy with white, highly reflective roof coatings. Contact your electric utility provider about rebates that may be available in your area.

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