We will be able to answer your questions and /or concerns based on our life time of paint industry experiences.

No more then an hour.

Northeast Ohio From Ashtabula to Sandusky & Wooster north.

Yes ‐ 2 years no question asked on labor.

Yes, When we have a special need and our client does not want to act as the General Contractor.

We use the best paint products offered in the market, it is not fair to say one brand is better than another. We work with our clients to provide direction to the product that will best meet their projects needs.

Again, it is based on our clients needs

When we start a job we stay on it until it is completed (provided the weather is on our side.)

Most jobs last a week. Larger projects 2-3 weeks.

Yes, we have our own decorator and we often work with Design firms & Architects

Most of the time our clients have an idea as to what they want before we show up. We will guide

We do have a finish carpenter and an excellent network of companies to offer additional services.

We will patch and fix plaster.

All workers will be dressed professionally.

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