Save a Ton with Lightweight Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

As your buildings age, you’ll face one of your biggest dilemmas. Should you replace a corrugated metal roof or restore it (and extend its life) with a new coating? Turn to the pros at Painters of the Western Reserve, which can explore the right solutions for you.

Do you want to resist corrosion and save money in different ways? A fresh white coating can help you accomplish all of that and more.

The cost savings can be significant. A new commercial roof could be several hundred thousand dollars, but the new coating will be a fraction of that expense.


If you have a 50,000-square-foot building, how much do you expect to pay for a new roof? Could you find the right contractor for $350,000? Are you prepared for that kind of bill or a higher one?

Utility Savings

You can delay reroofing for years by having us spray UNIFLEX, a superior, Energy Star-labeled coating on your roof. You’ll avoid major costs and lower your energy bills as well when we restore your roof to a like-new condition.

For example, you can lower those summer cooling bills with a roof coating that will drop the roof’s surface temperature by up to 100 °F. The white coating reflects 85% of the sun’s radiant heat, which greatly lowers the roof temperature and helps building interior cooling demands.

Other Ways You to Save with Your Roof

It’s much easier to install than a conventional tear-off that leads to unnecessary waste and disposal costs. Re-coating also counts as maintenance, which gives companies a tax deduction advantage in the same year (new roofs can’t be deducted in a single year). Additionally, you might be eligible for rebates from utility providers that reward companies for using white, highly reflective coating.

Ultimately, you will need a new roof. But it makes financial sense to go with a new coating rather than bear the cost of a new roof right now. The savings can be invested into the business with product development, equipment and staff (retention or expansion). In other words, if you’re proactive – and preserve your roof – you can avoid the expense of reroofing.

By coating the existing roof – rather than replacing it – you also won’t disrupt the business. We can do our work while you remain fully functional – no need to adjust production schedules. A new roof would inevitably affect your operations and cost money when you can’t have people working at certain times.

When you ask us to handle your roof coating, you can also guard against leaks and rust. In fact, the coatings we use are backed by 5 and 10-year warranties. We also include a 2-year labor warranty.

Would you like to get more years out of your roof? We can evaluate your structure and prepare an estimate. Contact us today at 330-808-0678.

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